Photography by: Lori-Ann W

Photography by: Lori-Ann W

Jessie Wang is the calligrapher and watercolour artist behind JW Lettering. She works from her home studio in Toronto, Ontario, serving clients all over the world.

Her calligraphy style fundamentally begins with the traditional Copperplate Script, and has evolved overtime with creative flourishing and decorative embellishments. In the earlier stages of her creative journey, she has built strong foundations in pointed pen calligraphy through self-study of various penmanship manuals, and later, studied with some of the very best International teachers. Today, Jessie combines her love for calligraphy and watercolour to create bespoke stationeries and artworks for weddings, corporate events and more. She focuses on achieving an elegant yet vibrant style in all her creations.

Currently, Jessie has an international audience of over 73K on Instagram, and her artwork has been featured on various pages, magazines and blogs including WedLuxe Magazine,  RuffledBlog, Cayman Vows Magazine. She has also had the privilege to work and collaborate with many top international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, David Yurman, and more.

Aside from client work,  Jessie hopes to inspire and encourage others to explore their creative side by regularly sharing tips, processes, resources on her Instagram and blog. Her "Beginner's Guide to Pointed Pen Calligraphy", in particular, has been the go-to resource for those who want to get started in calligraphy. Read her blog here.

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